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Friday, 24 June 2011

VW Campervan Blogs

My sister has just pointed me in the direction of the following blog. Lark are one of the stockists of her Belle and Boo range but Allison and Paul are also her good friends after her visit to Australia, Christmas before last. (Belle and Boo Blog Lark Visit)

Their shop is full of beautiful items and so imagine my delight when their latest blog is all about the new VW Campervan accessories she has started to sell Lark Campervan Blog

If anyone know's of any other good VW Campervan Blogs to follow then please let me know


  1. Hello,
    I came from Mandy's blog. Congrats on your new business! The Campervans look really nice.
    Also heard you were due any day now... exciting times! Is this your first baby?

  2. Hi Tania thanks for the comment, glad you like the vans, we are of course bias but we love them both.
    Yes it is our first baby so all a bit unrealistic at the moment, currently a week and a bit overdue, already know we are going to have a boy just can't wait to meet him.
    Love the photos of your children on your blog page, Jolly brought me a lovely new 50mm prime lens for my birthday so have been enjoying experimenting with that.
    Take care Aly

  3. I got this link from your sisters site too, what a great great concept. Congratulations! This must be an exciting time for you on many levels. Enjoy!

    Greetings from the Netherlands

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