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Friday, 17 June 2011

Childhood Memories

Some of my fondest are definitely from time spent in the great outdoors.  Whether it be on our annual 2 week camping holiday with about 4 other families to Shell Island , when after breakfast the kids would set off on their adventure for the day exploring the island only to return at tea time when we were hungry again.

My sister and me sleeping in our own tent
Or having bonfires and climbing trees at our friends house who were lucky enough to have a private wood with stream running through it, or simply heading out on a walk and picnic for the day.

So I love coming across websites like KidzOutdoors run by Jane & Neil with the sole purpose of encouraging kids to play outdoors.  With the imminent arrival of our first child I am just hoping he will share our love.


  1. oohhh I loved that little tent x

  2. What a great picture - you must have some happy memories from those days, that have inspired your business now. I think it's a fab idea.
    Good luck with it and also with your forthcoming new little arrival!
    Kat x