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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Our first Publication!

Ok so the title is a little exaggerated but we are very excited to have been included in Martin Dorey's new Campervan Cookbook as a recommended supplier  Link to where you can buy a copy

 Not only is it a great book as we are in it but the recipes are superb either for whilst you are camping or at home, great atmospheric photographs which totally get you in the mood to hit the open road and some useful tips on foraging and places to visit.

Below is a recent email we received from Martin about what he has been up to lately.


Firstly, thanks to everyone who has bought my latest book, The Camper Van Coast. I have had some really lovely feedback about it although some people have commented on page 136. It's one of the best shots in the book but...even so, I am sorry!
The publicity department at Hodder have been working overtime to get the word out about the book and have had some great results. It has been featured in Coast magazine, Food Magazine, The Saturday Telegraph, ES Magazine and The Sunday Times. I've been interviewed on Steve Wright's Radio 2 show, Five Live and plenty of BBC local radio shows. It's been fun!
I have been to a few shows this year too, notably Volks World at Sandown Park and the Just Kampers Open Day. Both were great fun so thanks for coming if you did. I had a really good time at both.

Come with us on a new adventure

This summer my family and I have decided to take some time out and do what we do best - go off in our camper van. We're heading to France and Spain to give the old girl a good outing, rack up a few miles, cook up some new food, try a few new camp sites and generally live the four wheeled life for a while. Our route will see us follow the Atlantic Coast, almost to the border with Portugal. I have been asking people on my Twitter page to tell us where to go, so if you have a few special places from trips to that part of the world, please let us know. We'll be blogging and taking pictures as we go so, if you want to follow our route and keep up with what we find along the way, keep your eyes peeled on my blog here.
I have some books to give away for those with the very best suggestions.

A little good news too

No doubt you will know that I get involved in beach cleaning. Well, I'd just like to let you know that, together with my twitter friends, we managed to secure a small victory for the beach this year. Having noticed a lot of similar plastic containers on the beach near my house I got in touch with the company who made them to find out why they were there. As it turned out these things were appearing all over the place, from Jersey to Devon, after a container of 100,000 of them was lost at sea. It's a long story but the upshot of it is that the company donated £2000 to the Marine Conservation Society to help with clearing up beaches. This was as a direct result of Twitter pressure and pictures of the items sent in by people all over the country. That money will go towards paying for beach cleans in September. It's a great result and if you got involved, thanks. It shows that we can make a difference (even if it's just a little bit) if we want to!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

JollyMooners - En France

We would like to thank Jolly and Aly so much for the amazing campervan which not only started off our wedding in style, but was the focal point for our French road trip honeymoon!

The Baron offers so much as a home as well as a classy form of transport with a huge amount of interest from onlookers! The bed was incredibly comfortable and spacious as was the driving section of the vehicle.  Having a set of hobs, sink and fridge offered us so much more than a typical camping trip would offer and will always seek Jolly for future camping trips both in the UK and Europe.

It doesn’t stop at the van either, both Jolly and Aly offered their support for any type of enquiries from assistance to general tips, not that we needed them with the great tour of the van initially and information pack in the glove compartment.

We would absolutely recommend JollyCampervans to anybody looking at booking a holiday with a difference or wishing to try out a VW before investing in their own – it really is the pinnacle to jolly camping in our book!

Dylan & Jo Taylor