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Friday, 30 March 2012

New Headquarters

So as always things have been a little crazy busy here and as a result the blog has suffered a bit of neglect over the past couple of months.

However have just downloaded the blogger iPhone app and hoping this might enable me to do a few more regular posts on the run.

Latest goings on in the world of JollyCampervans has seen my return to work (ah was sad to say goodbye to my maternity leave but hoping we can hangout again in the not so distant future), Henry starting nursery, which he loves and they love him, charming all the carers with his smiles and giggles. A really successful promotion on Groupon which means April / May are fully booked for both vans and we have moved to Marsden, phew feel tired just from typing all that let alone doing it.

For those of you who do not know Marsden it is a large village west of Huddersfield in west yorkshire and we have been lucky enough to buy a house in the centre, opposite a park, just round the corner from the infant and nursery school and looks out onto National trust land at the back. I keep having to pinch myself, can't quite believe it is ours yet. The other major plus side is we have plenty of outside space for the vans and storing peoples cars when they come to pick the vans up.

Attached are a couple of photos and the views and one of Henry proudly wearing his yorkshire tshirt.

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