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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Jolly Campers

Dear Aly and Jolly,

We had an amazing time taking The Baron out for a spin this summer and wanted to write and tell you how much our whole family enjoyed it.

We didn’t plan to go too far for our long weekend, just over to Filey near Scarborough, a couple of hours from our home in Bury for a few days of sun, sand and surf. (Well, maybe not the sun, this being summer in England, but definitely sand and surf.) Neither my husband nor I had ever spent much time in a campervan before, so when we first saw The Baron it was such a fabulous surprise. The campervan was gleaming, spotless, ingeniously designed and thoughtfully packed with every kind of thing we might possibly need, from a corkscrew to chocolate biscuits. How could we not be delighted?

We stopped on the way for lunch at Howard Castle, a go on the adventure playground and stocked up with supplies at the estate’s excellent farm shop. We enjoyed pootling along the motorway, but the van really came into its own on the smaller roads. Going at a more leisurely pace, you really do have more time to notice things, and from our high perch behind the extra-large windscreen we had a great view of the beautiful countryside around us. It’s a lovely way to travel.

When we rolled into Filey Brigg campground, a nice council-run site with fabulous seaside views, it was looking increasingly grey. We didn’t let the weather bother us but got stuck in to getting our new home set up. Once we figured out how to put up the tent (with the help of a kind neighbour more experienced in the ways of campervan tents) we found it very snug. Molly (3) and Bella (1) loved having the big canvas ‘room’ on the side of the van, it gave us a safe place to let the kids play under cover, and it made eating meals a lot more comfortable when it started drizzling. It was their first time camping and it’s wonderful to see your children getting excited about the mundane parts of camping we all take for granted; cooking sausages on the grill outside, carrying the washing up to the sinks in a bucket, or even going outside to brush our teeth, it’s all new and magical for them.

Though the weather for our weekend wasn’t the best, it was nice to have such a well-appointed home from home in The Baron. Bella and I shared the very comfortable van, while Molly had her first experience of sleeping in a tent (with her dad there to make sure she didn’t go for a night time wander around the campsite.) We loved the campervan, it just felt so much more comfortable having that dry and snug place to come back to, and the little kitchen was invaluable.  I honestly don’t know if I can go back to tent camping now. The Baron has spoiled me!Molly and I have played ‘camping’ many times since we returned, and for her having a campervan is clearly essential to the whole thing. I have a feeling The Baron may be travelling with us again…
All best wishes,

The Roe Family – Kate, Richard, Molly and Bella

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